A lot of people ask if that is trackball better than a mouse. Let me show you the answer real quick

When does trackball better than a mouse

The answer depends on the type and quality of trackball you are using. Most people will argue that a good-quality mouse has better precision than a trackball. However, in the days, graphic designers mostly opted for trackball mice instead of regular mice. Of course, these days, artists prefer digitizer tablets for utmost accuracy.

The most popular opinion is that a trackball is not as accurate as a regular mouse; however, it is more precise than a trackpad. In terms of comfort, trackball beats all. It is the best option if you are trying to avoid RSI. or have an issue with some illness like Parkinson’s.

When does trackball better than a mouse

A trackball mouse is also better than a regular mouse in confined spaces. Suppose you live in a dorm or work while traveling. Then trackball is the better, buddy. It is compact and operational while stationary.

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