How to change the mouse dpi and Adjust your PC?

A computer is built with a combination of various devices that are bound together to perform specific tasks. Among all devices, the mouse is one of the virtual devices, and today we will talk about the DPI or sensitivity of the mouse and How to change the mouse dpi.

DPI measures the performance of a mouse. When your mouse runs on a higher DPI, your mouse produces a large number of pixels on an inch movement. DPI also stands for the sensitivity of the mouse. We all know that a mouse is a valuable device while browsing, designing applications, or playing video games.

The work that needs precision and accuracy, like drawing, needs a lower DPI, and for faster movement of the mouse-like playing games or other apps, a higher DPI is best. Today we will discuss How to change mouse dpi?

What is DPI stand for?

First, you need to know what DPI means when you talk about the DPI. DPI means Dots Per Inch. A mouse DPI calculates the sensitivity of a mouse. You can easily change the cursor speed by changing the DPI in the mouse settings or switching the built-in buttons (Mouse with built-in DPI switch).

Generally, DPI means the speed of the pointer of your Mouse, which means a higher DPI will make your cursor move faster, and a lower DPI will make your cursor move lower. A higher DPI makes your cursor faster on the screen, detects the small movements in your Mouse, and responds accurately. A higher DPI is better for a mouse to perform a regular task, but A higher DPI is not suitable for all tasks. The tasks needed precision and accurate output, and a lower DPI will help in that case. So this is very important to change or adjust your mouse DPI or sensitivity for different types of work.

Usually, you can change the DPI or cursor sensitivity of your Mouse by the mouse settings on your computer. If you have a mouse with built-in DPI buttons like the ELECOM Wireless Finger-operated Large size Trackball Mouse, you can change the DPI with buttons.

How to Change Mouse DPI

There are various ways to see your DPI mouse and make changes later. A number of the methods are listed below. Please check the following methods to change the DPI of your Mouse.

Method 1 – How to change mouse DPI in the mouse setting

This prevalent and straightforward method applies to most people to change their Mouse’s DPI or sensitivity. This is easy, and everyone applies this process to change the DPI.

By following this process, you can easily change your DPI.

1. Click on the Windows icon in the bottom-left of your screen or press the Windows buttons from your keyboard to open up the Start menu, then select “Settings.” You can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Windows + I

2. Click on the title “Devices

3. Click on the “Mouse Icons

4. Click on the “Additional mouse options” that you will find at the bottom of the page or in the right-side panel.

5. Go to the “Pointer Options” tab using the header menu of the Mouse Properties window.

6. Now you will find a slider from that you can adjust your DPI. Moving the slider head to the left will make your mouse slower while moving it to the right will increase its speed.

7. You will see a “Enhance pointer precision” setting, we recommended turning it off as it’s capable of messing up your DPI.

8. Click the OK button. You will experience a change in the cursor speed.

Method 2 – Adjust sensitivity in the video game

You can also change or adjust your mouse DPI or sensitivity in-game settings. This will allow you to set a standard DPI to perform day-to-day tasks and set up different DPI settings for different games.

Finding the same settings for every game is hard, but you can follow this process to adjust in-game DPI settings.

  1. Open the game you want to change or adjust the DPI or sensitivity settings.
  2. Find the one that says either “Options” or “Settings,” usually available from the title screen.
  3. Then you should be able to find a menu that says “Controls.” If you can’t find the control menu, go for the “Sensitivity” options to find the settings.
  4. Find the mouse sensitivity slider and adjust it until you feel comfortable with the speed.

Method 3 – Use the Built-in DPI buttons on your mouse

You can find a lot of mice that come with built-in DPI buttons, especially gaming mouse have a button dedicated to changing your DPI on the fly. The best part is you can change your DPI on every application you are using. If your mouse has a customization option then you can also change them.

Normally, The DPI button is located below the scrolling wheel. The DPI buttons are small compared to the other buttons. Sometimes, you will see the DPI written on the button. By pressing the DPI buttons you can increase the cursor speed or lower the cursor speed as well. You can preset the DPI setting as per your preference.

How to check your mouse DPI

This is important to know the current DPI or sensitivity you are using. Unfortunately, the operating system doesn’t have options showing the DPI you are using. This is an important issue; People would love to know the DPI or sensitivity they are currently using.

Don’t worry about the operating system; there are many other ways to check what DPI you’re rolling with. Please follow the instruction below to check the DPI.

Check Manufacturer’s Specifications-

This process will follow by the branded mouse only. You will find the product description only for the major brands. They put the product images and specifications on the websites to grab the customer’s interest.

This process is similar for every mouse. However, some manufacturers don’t have a website or technical information about their products.

  1. Go to the manufacturer’s website which brand mouse you brought 
  2. Use the inbuilt search engine to find the right product.
  3. Find the technical specifications and check the DPI count written on the website.

If you can’t find your mouse on the manufacturer’s website, we suggest contacting customer support. Many brands offer support through e-mail or the phone.

Use Microsoft Paint

Check the DPI using Microsoft Paint; you might think it is silly but believe us, it will work. Microsoft Paint can see the pixel your cursor is at, and you can do a little experiment to find a somewhat accurate measurement of your DPI.

  1. Open the Microsoft Paint application using the search option in the start menu.
  2. Set the Zoom 100%
  3. Select the brush tool and place your cursor to the far left of the screen. You will see 0 in the bottom-left, the first number.
  4. Hold the left mouse button and move your mouse around 2-3 inches. Without moving your mouse, look at the first number in the bottom-left and note it down.
  5. Repeat this process ⅔ times, then find the average of each measurement. This is your DPI. 

How to improve mouse performance

For better results, you need to improve your mouse performance. Please see the below process to improve the performance of your mouse –

Change Mouse Sensitivity Settings

You will find many options in the games that allow users to make changes in the mouse settings. The users can find the mouse settings in the controller’s menu in the game. The user can alter mouse sensitivity settings by making changes in various settings like sensitivity and control.

Update the mouse driver

This is important to keep your mouse driver updated to improve your performance. You always know a missing or outdated driver can harm your mouse performance.

There are two ways to update your mouse drivers: manually and automatically.

Manually – You can manually update your mouse driver by searching the manufacturer’s websites. Download the correct mouse driver and install it on your computer. This requires time and computer skills.

Automatically – You can find the mouse driver automatically. Go to the manage drivers and search automatically to find the correct drivers for the mouse.

How to change mouse dpi conclusion

In this review, we talked about the DPI or sensitivity of the mouse and how you can change your mouse DPI differently. This will be very useful for all types of users. We discussed how to improve your mouse performance by changing or adjusting the DPI or Sensitivity.

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