Elecom Left Handed Trackball Review

For ease of use, Elecom left handed trackball Mouse is hard to beat. It is far better than any standard mouse and much more comfortable once your muscle memory to use it is established.

  • 4 Hours of Research
  • 36 Hours of Testing

4.2 Out of 5 From 1.5K+ User

Which point brings our attention most?

During this Elecom left handed trackball review, we spent more than 4 hours of web research and around 36 hours of testing. Here is the key feature we are looking into it.

  • Best User type: The Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse is only compatible with the Left-Handed.
  • Customization Buttons: There are 6 built-in mouse keys and a left/right scrolling tilt wheel. You can configure all the buttons as per your preference.
  • Warranty: You will get 1 year of limited warranty from ELECOM and lifetime technical support.
  • Low Price: You will get this comfortable trackball mouse at an affordable price.

What we test for this Elecom left handed trackball review.

Before starting this Elecom left handed trackball mouse, we checked a few other models, including Kensington left handed Trackball MouseAdesso iMouse T50 Trackball Mouse, and Logitech trackman marble Mouse. Here is what we found,

Elecom left handed trackball review
Kensington left handed trackball review
Adesso iMouse T50 review
logitech trackman marble review

ELECOM doesn’t have a massive collection of trackball mice for left-handed users. But they have some best trackball mice for left-handed users in the market. The Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse is one of the best left-hand trackball mice on the market. It comes with all the advanced and latest features.

Now you can take your gaming experience into another dimension with the Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse. This trackball mouse uses the high-accuracy gaming-grade optical sensor usually used in the gaming industry and ensures the optimal cursor operation on several screens. This also comes with all the features that will make you comfortable working on laptops and computers.

It comes with Optical Tracking Technology that can read your accurate movement. This mouse comes with 6 functional buttons, and all are customizable. You can switch the DPI to three levels. The battery life is also great. You will get 1 year of limited warranty from ELECOM and lifetime technical support.

Design of the mouse: The design of this mouse is fantastic. This mouse was designed and developed for a precious gaming experience. You will enjoy gaming as well as other work comfortably. It’s operated with the thumb and provides super accuracy.

Setup Process of the mouse: It comes with a plug-and-play setup. Just insert the battery into the mouse, connect the USB Receiver, and enjoy tracking.

Connection Type of the device: The Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse comes with a dedicated 2.4GHz receiver that plugs directly into any USB port on a desktop or laptop computer. You can able to use the mouse for around 10 m.

Performance of the device: While using this Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse for reviewing, we found the performance quite well. We get the features as they mention in the product descriptions. But the best thing you get the smooth and accurate cursor movement because they used the Optical Sensor Technology.

How comfortable is the device?: The Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse is quite comfortable to use randomly. While using it for reviews, we didn’t notice any discomfort or getting pain.

How much does this device cost you?: Here we come to the most crucial part. This mouse is cheap if you compare it with others. The price will be around $35-$40.

Elecom m xt4drbk wireless trackball mouse Specification

NameELECOM Left-Handed Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse
Weight4.5 ounces
Ball removableYes
DPI OptionDPI: 750/1500
Tracking TechnologyOptical
Best User typeLeft-Handed
Size of the ball2.5 mm
Batteries size1 AA batteries
Connection typeWireless
Customization Buttons6-button
Warranty1 year of limited warranty

Advantage and Disadvantage of  Elecom m-xt4drbk Trackball Mouse

While reviewing the Elecom m xt4drbk wireless trackball mouse for left handed, we found that this is one of the best left hand trackball mouse. Here we provide some key points that you need to know about this product.

Advantage of  Elecom m-xt4drbk Trackball Mouse

During this Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse review, we found some positive and negative facts about it. The thing we like most about this trackball are:

  • Customization Buttons: This mouse comes with 6 built-in mouse keys and a left/right scrolling tilt wheel that provides limitless clicking combinations. The best part is all the buttons can be customized using the software.
  • Warranty: This mouse comes with a 1-year limited warranty for hardware.
  • Smooth operation: This trackball mouse is super user-friendly and best for gaming. The switchable DPI makes the cursor speed movement fantastic. The Optimal Sensor Technology is fantastic for gaming and other work as well.
  • Setup process: Just plug and play. Insert the USB connector in the USB port of your computer and you will find out your computer recognizes the device firmly.
  • Battery Life: It will require a AA battery that will provide up to 3 months of service. This may vary with computer configuration.

Disadvantage of  Elecom m-xt4drbk Trackball Mouse

During this Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse review, we found a few odd things about it. Here they are:

  • Quite large in size: The size of this tracking ball mouse is big. But you will get comfort because it will fit in your hand nicely.
  • Takes some getting used to: If you are a traditional mouse user then it will take some time to cop up with the uses of this mouse. But if you are a quick learner then you will enjoy learning.
  • Accuracy of tracking ball: Some users complain about the tracking ball. When you move the ball it provides less accuracy but this is not that a big problems mouse like this.

Common Question about Elecom m-xt4drbk Trackball Mouse

  • Lost the Usb dongle, where can I order a replacement?

    Sorry you wouldn’t be able to order a replacement if you lost the USB dongle of Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse. The price of this trackball is low and that’s why the manufacturer doesn’t provide the parts in the market. Another reason is each trackball mouse has a different signal in the usb dongle. So you have to buy a new trackball mouse if you lose or damage the USB dongle of your trackball mouse.

  • Can this be returned if it turns out it doesn’t work well for me?

    Yes you can return the Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse if it turns out it doesn’t work well for you. Amazon has a product return policy where you can return this product within 30 days of receiving the product. But you have to keep in mind that Amazon takes those products that have arrived in damaged condition, or are still in unopened boxes, for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. But if you open the box and check it then Amazon will impose some from your purchase price.

  • How do I assign functions to each button to play fortnight?

    Yes, You can assign functions to each button to play Fortnite of Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse by using “ELECOM Mouse Assistant”. This trackball mouse is too powerful to play games because of DPI. Now you can assign your buttons with your favoiute option with this fantastic software. All you have to do is download the ELECOM Mouse Assistant Software that can be available at ELECOM NET website. This will make your work experience great and smooth.

  • Is the middle scroll wheel also a button?

    aYes, the middle scroll wheel of Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse is also a button. You can also customize this button if needed. This will work great on webpages clicks and it increases the speed of scrolling. For customizing this wheel you need to install the ELECOM Mouse Assistant software. You can download this software at ELECOM NET website or browse the internet. This is the game changer of this mouse.

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