Elecom EX-G PRO Review – Best gaming sensor trackball mouse

For precision optical gaming performance, the Elecom EX-G PRO trackball mouse is hard to beat. This Thumb-Operated Wireless Trackball Mouse comes with 8 Function buttons for awesome smooth tracking.

  • 6 Hours of Research
  • 25 Hours of Testing

4.0 out of 5 from around a hundred users.

Which point brings our attention most?

During this Elecom EX-G PRO Review, we spend more than 6 hours of web research and around 25 hours of testing. Here is the key feature we are looking into it.

  • Best User type: Best For the right-handed user. We can call it one of the best trackballs for gamers too.
  • Customization Buttons: Elecom EX-G PRO trackball mouse comes with 8 customization buttons:
  • Batteries size and Time: If you use a wireless or Bluetooth connection, you need Lithium Polymer batteries. (Which was included, Awesome ) If you like to use cable, then no batteries are required. We found some users who did not change the batter for over 2 years. wow
  • DPI control – The feature that made this excellent gaming mouse is the DPI controller. We can switch to 3 different speeds.

What we test for this Elecom EX-G PRO review

Before starting this Elecom EX-G PRO trackball mouse, we check a few other models, including the Logitech MX ERGO Wireless trackball mouse, the Digio2 2.4GHz Wireless trackball mouse, and Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse. Here is what we found,

Design of the mouse: Equipped with optical tracking technology, the ELECOM Wired Trackball mouse is a thump-operated device. The latest technology provides a precise movement of a cursor. This ensures you acquire superior accuracy so you can easily navigate different applications.


Compared to the Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball mouse, The top of the EX-G Pro is curved even though it looks flat in this picture.

Setup Process of the mouse: The setup process is pretty state forward. Just plug and play. The ELECOM trackball mouse has an optically designed sturdy Wheel Encored. The wheel scroll uses an optical encoder that has excellent durability. The parts don’t wear out quickly during operation.

When it comes to maintenance requires a straightforward cleaning process. Push the ball out from the rear using a finger or a pen. With a cotton swab, remove dust from contact areas between the three red support balls and the trackball.

Elecom EX-G PRO Review - Best gaming sensor trackball mouse

Connection Type of the device: Has Bluetooth/USB 2.5GHz/wired connectivity that requires an easy switch using a single button. You don’t have to worry about recharging the battery when using it wired.

Performance of the device: It comes equipped with 8 functional buttons. You use each function to suit your different work applications or for all gaming needs. The left/right scrolling tilt wheel provides unlimited clicking combinations.

Using customizable buttons, ELECOM allows you to assign the desired function to every button through the ELECOM Mouse Assistant. You can download the ELECOM trackball Mouse Assistant Software from the ELECOM Net site.

How much comfortable is the device?: This ideal mouse is ideal for use as a PC Gaming Control. You customize each button function for an enhanced gaming experience. Using DPI Switch, you can switch the cursor movement to three levels: 500, 1000, and 1500 counts. You manipulate your computer set according to your preference.

How much does this device cost you?: We found this device in many retail stores, including Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. Price is almost identical in those stores. For a brand-new one, you need to pay around $70 to $90. Sometimes you may find some offer like if you buy 2 or more, you can get some price reduction. We found amazon offering free returns.

This mouse provides you with 3 different ways to connect with a device of your choice. You can choose from Bluetooth, Wireless, or wired. The receiver storage is designed for a USB dongle. You must carry it along if you prefer connecting your device via Bluetooth or wired.

Elecom EX-G PRO trackball mouse Specification

NameElecom EX-G PRO trackball mouse
Wireless/CableWired / Wireless / Bluetooth
Weight5.20 ounces
Ball removableYes
DPI OptionYes – 3 options – 500/1000/1500
Tracking TechnologyOptical
Best User typeRight-handed Gaming
Size of the ball2.5 mm
Batteries size1 Lithium Polymer batteries
Customization Buttons8 Button

Advantages and Disadvantages of Elecom EX-G PRO trackball mouse

After reviewing this product, we found this one is the best gaming trackball mouse. Here are a few other points that we would like to mention.

Advantages of Elecom EX-G PRO trackball mouse

During this Elecom EX-G PRO review, we spend hours. Here is the positive Key feature we are looking into it.

  • Ease of Usage: In terms of ease to use, it’s fantastic to have such a mouse in your hand. The back and forward buttons are immediately to the left of the left click, making it super.
  • Style: 16 Degree angel made this super stylish one.
  • 3 Connectivity Options – Get connected as you wish

The disadvantage of the Elecom EX-G PRO trackball mouse

During this Elecom EX-G PRO review, we found some negative points about it. Here they are.

  • Price: In terms of price, it’s a bit higher than other manufacturers.
  • No left-handed version: It’s only for right-handed users.

Common Question about Elecom EX-G PRO trackball mouse

  • Are the photos reversed or is this a left-hand mouse?

    No, The ELECOM Wired / Wireless / Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse 8-Button is only compatible with right-handed users. This trackball mouse doesn’t have the left-handed version. This trackball mouse is designed for the right hand only. This trackball provides precise cursor movement for superior accuracy. Though this trackball is for right-hand users, it will give you comfort at work. You can have a different trackball mouse for the Left-hand Thumb operated model “M-XT4DRBK.

  • Has anyone used this for gaming, I’m looking for a trackball equivalent to my corsair scimitar.

    You can use the ELECOM Wired / Wireless / Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse, 8-Button for gaming. If you used a corsair scimitar for gaming, then definitely you will like this tracking ball mouse for gaming. This trackball mouse was designed and developed for precise cursor movement for superior accuracy. It is built with a high-performance gaming optics system sensor and lens. This will be your next choice for gaming.

  • Does it work on Linux virtual machine in “Vmware”?

    This is a complicated question to answer. The manufacturer doesn’t guarantee to work in a virtual OS environment of ELECOM Wired / Wireless / Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse, 8-Button. This trackball mouse is a great mouse to be used for gaming and design work. This trackball mouse was designed and developed for precise cursor movement for superior accuracy. It is built with a high-performance gaming optics system sensor and lens.

  • Is there a case for ex-g pro?

    No, ELECOM Wired / Wireless / Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse, 8-Button does not provide any case for traveling, but you can use the box. The box dimensions are 10x3x6 in size and compact, lightweight, and easy to carry when traveling. This 3D mouse is a great device to have on your desk. This trackball mouse is fully programmable and easy to operate.

Elecom EX-G PRO Review by other People online

During our web research, we found the products in many retail shops like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. We are displaying a few reviews about Elecom Elecom EX-G PRO here for you, Hope it will help. Please let us know through the comment section or the contact form if you want to list your review. We always love to hear from you.

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