ELECOM Handheld Bluetooth Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse

For ease of use, Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball Mouse is hard to beat. It is far better than any standard mouse and much more comfortable once your muscle memory to use it is established.

  • 5 Hours of Research
  • 98 Hours of Testing

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Which point brings our attention most?

During this Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball review, we spend more than 5 hours of web research and around 98 hours of testing. Here is the key feature we are looking into it.

  • Best User type: The ELECOM Handheld Bluetooth Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse is an ambidextrous design trackball mouse and can be used by both left-handed and right-handed users.
  • Customization Buttons: There are 10 built-in mouse keys and a left/right scrolling tilt wheel. You can configure all the buttons as per your preference.
  • Warranty: You will get 1 year of limited warranty from ELECOM and lifetime technical support.
  • Low price: Though this used the latest features, the price looks high to us. You can still afford this trackball mouse but if you are a bit concerned about budget then this is not the perfect choice for you.

What we test for this Elecom 10 Buttons wireless trackball mouse review

Before starting this Elecom 10 Buttons trackball review we check a few other models including the Kensington k72352eu trackball mouse, Elecom huge trackball mouse, and Elecom M-XT3URBK trackball mouse. Here is what we found,

The ELECOM Handheld Bluetooth Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse is a new and multi-functional trackball mouse that can take your gaming experience to the next level. This trackball mouse has OPTICAL TRACKING TECHNOLOGY, which provides precise cursor movement for superior accuracy. You can quickly get to where you want on the screen with less hand movement.

You’ll feel at ease thanks to the fantastic design. With this trackball mouse, you won’t experience any discomfort or anxiety from using it for extended periods. The design of this mouse supports the stability of your hand, allowing you to move the cursor without having to extend your arm freely. The ELECOM Mouse Assistant Software allows you to customize the functions of each mouse’s 10 buttons. There are three levels of DPI adjustment available. In addition, the battery life is fantastic. The upkeep is also straightforward.

To clean the trackball, remove it and apply the brush to the surface. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and MaOS 10.14 or later are all supported. ELECOM will provide you with a one-year limited warranty and unlimited technical support.

Design of the mouse The design of this mouse is fantastic. This mouse was designed and developed for a precious gaming experience. You will enjoy gaming as well as other work comfortably. It’s operated with fingers and provides super accuracy. The shape of this mouse is sculpted to support your hand staying in one place, move the cursor without moving your arm.

Setup Process of the mouse: It comes with a plug-and-play setup. Just insert the battery into the mouse and connect the USB Receiver and enjoy tracking.

Connection Type of the device: The ELECOM 2.4GHz Wireless Finger-Operated Large Size Trackball Mouse 8-Button comes with a dedicated 2.4GHz receiver that plugs directly into any USB port on a desktop or laptop computer. You can able to use the mouse for around 10 m.

Performance of the device: While using this Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball Mouse review, we found the performance quite well. We get the features as they mention in the product descriptions. But the best thing you get the smooth and accurate cursor movement because they used the Optical Sensor Technology.

How comfortable is the device?: The ELECOM Handheld Bluetooth Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse is quite comfortable to use randomly. While using it for reviews, we didn’t notice any discomfort or getting pain.

How much does this device cost you? As we said earlier, The ELECOM Handheld Bluetooth Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse is high-priced. It is specially designed for gamers. You must spend around $40-50 USD on this mouse.

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Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball mouse Specification

NameElecom 10 Buttons Trackball mouse
Weight2.7 Ounces
Ball removableYes
DPI Option500/1000/1500 count
Tracking TechnologyOptical
Best User typeAmbidextrous
Size of the ball2.5 mm
Batteries size2 X AAA battery
Connection type2.4GHz Wireless
Customization Buttons10-Button
Warranty1-year limited warranty

Advantages and Disadvantages of  Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball review

While reviewing the Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball Mouse review, we found that this is one of the best Trackball Mouse for Music Production. Here we provide some key points that you need to know about this product.

Advantage of  Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball Mouse

During this ELECOM Handheld Bluetooth Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse review, we found some positive and negative facts about it. The thing we like most about this trackball are:

  • Customization Buttons: This mouse comes with 10 built-in buttons and a left/right scrolling tilt wheel that provides limitless clicking combinations. The best part is all the buttons can be customized using the software.
  • Warranty: This mouse comes with a 1-year limited warranty for hardware.
  • Smooth operation: This trackball mouse is super user-friendly and best for gaming. The switchable DPI makes the cursor speed movement fantastic. The Optimal Sensor Technology is fantastic for gaming and other work as well.
  • Setup process: Just plug and play. Insert the USB connector into the USB port of your computer and you will find out your computer recognizes the device firmly.
  • Battery Life: It will require a AA battery that will provide up to 3 months of service. This may vary with computer configuration.

The disadvantage of  Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball Mouse

During this Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball review, we found a few odd things about it. Here they are:

  • Quite large in size: The size of this tracking ball mouse is big. But you will get comfort because it will fit in your hand nicely.
  • Takes some getting used to: If you are a traditional mouse user then it will take some time to cop up with the uses of this mouse. But if you are a quick learner then you will enjoy learning.

Common Question about Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball Mouse

  • How do you set this up with your iPad? Bluetooth isn’t discoverable?

    The Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball is wireless 2.4GHz that uses a USB dongle. For connecting with the iPad you have to use the USB connector because you have to input the USB dongle. The software installation process is also easy and user-friendly. This trackball mouse is stable and durable. This trackball mouse is compatible with iPad and iOS systems.

  • Can you use this on an android phone?

    No, You can’t use ELECOM Handheld Bluetooth Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse on an android phone. This trackball features a sensitive rolling ball and frequency stable Bluetooth connection. It Is compatible with the following operating systems – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later, and MaOS 10.14 or later. We are sorry that this will not fit with android systems. But you can buy other trackball devices from ELECOM that are compatible with Android.

  • Will this work with iPad or iPhone?

    Yes, You can work with iPad or iPhone on Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball through Bluetooth. But the main problem is that you can not use functions that are configured by the mouse driver. This might give you some problems but you can still use this trackball. It Is compatible with the following operating systems – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later, MaOS 10.14 or later.

  • Is this mouse rechargeable?

    The Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball needs 2 AAA batteries to run. You can use the rechargeable battery for this. You have to use the best quality of batteries for better service. This tracking ball device consumes less power and you can use a pair of batteries for around 3 months. Sometimes you have to understand the device that you use for battery life.

Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball review by other People online

During our web research, we found the products in many retail shops like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. We are displaying a few reviews about Elecom 10 Buttons Trackball review here for you, Hope it will help. If you want to list your review, please let us know through the comment section or the contact form. We always love to hear from you.

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  1. This ELECOM Bluetooth trackball mouse has better distance accuracy than my Logitech MX Ergo mouse. It has 3 preset pixel resolutions that We can change on the fly based on your application or personal preference.

    Perfect accuracy from 8 feet away, even when editing text. The Bluetooth is better than the Logitech wireless USB receiver, which wouldn’t work if We didn’t fully charge the battery.

    It doesn’t get stuck on links like the Logi. The button placement makes sense once identified. Adaptable Small enough to toss around while working from bed, the buttons are inactive.

    I’m happy with my purchase; it hits all the marks.

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