Trackballs are already famous among gamers and people suffering from Parkinson’s disease but did you know even music producers can get a lot out of it? Music producers spend a lot of their time clicking and scrolling through digital audio workstations (DAW). With constant use of their hands for hours on end, they need something comfortable and doesn’t put them at the risk of developing Carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI. Hence, after a lot of research and testing, we have picked the best trackball mouse for music production to help you find your perfect match. 

That’s where the trackball mouse comes in. With their ergonomic design, excellent battery life, smart size, ability to track across adaptable surfaces, and multiple other features, they can be very efficient and comfortable to use.

Best trackball mouse for music production

If you don’t know what a trackball is, let us brief you. It is an input device that sort of looks like an upside-down mouse. You can move the on-screen pointer easily using your thumb or finger. A socket holds the protruding ball and has sensors for recognizing ball rotations. There are also two buttons implanted with the trackball attachment feature, and you use them for selecting an object or text.

The device remains fixed in place and doesn’t need a lot of room. It can also work on most surfaces, which is an extraordinary benefit compared to other input devices. A trackball requires less arm and wrist movement than an ordinary mouse and is less of a hassle for the client to use. The strain to the arm is lesser than a regular mouse. They are great for individuals with RSI (repetitive strain injury). Not having to worry about over-exertion is one thing they can count on with this input device.

This best mouse is the best for individuals who work in music production companies. They have to continuously use the Trackball and sit in front of computers navigating between different sets of files. Numerous individuals incline towards this style since it offers tight control over the cursor movement, valuable in everything from gaming to visual computerization. Unlike other input devices, trackballs require minimal effort for cleaning while providing superior accuracy and precision. 

We hope you like the options we have picked out for you. Let’s dive into our list of best trackball mice for music production.

Reviews of the Best Trackball Mouse For Music Production:

ELECOM Wired Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse

ELECOM 2.4GHz Wireless Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse

Elecom is a Japanese electronics company that delivers the best wireless mice and trackballs and other PC peripherals. The brand, as of now, offers a couple of trackballs, which fall into three model ranges: DEFT, EX-G, and HUGE.

 Elecom M-XT3URBK is the older version, but it’s still one of the good ones. It has six functional buttons. You have the option to assign any function to these buttons by using the Elecom mouse assistant. This is a huge bonus point for Elecom. This top trackball mouse gives precise movement for accuracy so you can rapidly move around the digital audio workstation with minimal hand movement, thereby improving usefulness and productivity. The DPI cursor can change from 750 (LOW) and 1500 (HIGH) DPI, making the speed of your cursor quicker or slower. Its mouse pad is very fine.

The ball moves on three enormous artificial ruby metal rollers. They are incredibly smooth, and the generally huge size keeps dirt and dust from entering. In this way, you don’t need to clean the metal balls again and again. The metal balls hold the ball up. However, it can pop out by pushing it through the opening in the base. For cleaning, you can easily push the ball out from behind with your finger or a pen. You can also remove the dust by simply using a cotton swab. So it is the best mouse right now in the market.

When dirt and grime develop around the Trackball, this top trackball mouse cursor may jolt around the screen or decline to move by any stretch of the imagination. Cleaning your Trackball routinely is a good practice that will help your mouse function more efficiently

ELECOM Wired Finger-Operated Large Size Trackball Mouse

Elecom 8 button Finger operated Large size Trackball Mouse review

The Elecom M-HT1URXBK HUGE remote trackball is excellent. It is extremely simple to move towards any path. This wireless trackball mouse has eight functional buttons on the gadget, and the two additional buttons are for scroll wheel shifting that allows horizontal scroll. Not many trackballs have these many options, which is why Elecom does set itself apart with this product.

The scroll wheel on the Elecom HUGE resides on the left half of the gadget, between the left-click and the up and down buttons. You can move the wheel with the thumb. Since you utilize the thumb to Click and Hold, it is not usable any longer. The shape and particularly the top material of the Trackball are very comfortable for individuals with large hands. The Elecom HUGE Trackballs have selectable speeds between 500, 1000, and 1500 DPI. You can flip immediately between the LOW/MID and HIGH resolution by tapping the DPI button.

Best Wired: Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring

Kensington Orbit Scroll Ring Optical Trackball

Kensington’s innovative and award-winning scroll ring for easy scanning without clicking has turned into a signature design for the brand. The design is so fantastic that it has completely won the market over, as the best trackball mouse available. It has a smooth, brilliant, and ergonomic interface with two buttons and a medium-sized 40mm trackball. The design enhances productivity and functionality while reducing wrist pain and hand movements to prevent RSI and ache from repetitive stress. 

The customization potential of the mouse allows for a more personalized user experience. They offer a wide range of program functions for the two buttons. Moreover, you can adjust the speed and accuracy of the cursor with Kensington Work Software. If you’re a Chrome OS user, then you can get an HID function for a trackball as well. How amazing is that?

But don’t think that Kensington has achieved ultimate accuracy with so many features. For them, the sky’s the limit. They have featured optical tracking technology that offers precise cursor movement with its internal red optics with increasing productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, their detachable padded wrist rest provides a soft ground that cradles your hands and wrist. This feature further adds to its ergonomic characteristics and lets you experience pain-free productivity for long work sessions. In addition to this, they have an ambidextrous design, so your left-handed friends don’t feel left out (did you see what I did there?). Talk about inclusivity!

To establish a smooth and continuous performance, Kensington made the Orbit trackball mouse with wired options that provide a reliable USB connection. Moreover, it comes without the hassle of batteries and has a five years warranty period. If you are looking for the same features but in a wireless mouse, worry not because this trackball has an orbit wireless variant. 

In short, this particular trackball mouse from Kensington is a great value buy. It offers impressive features, with ergonomic design, superior accuracy, and customizability at a very affordable price. Moreover, the sleek and simple design will flatter your workspace. 

Logitech Wireless M570 Trackball

Logitech m570 wireless trackball mouse review

Logitech is a multi-billionaire company founded in 1981. They are reliable and have a lot of experience in this field.

Logitech Logitech m wireless Wireless Trackball mouse is very affordable compared to others. It requires minimal space, even if it does have an outdated design. While it doesn’t have an extravagant double mode remote or numerous programmable buttons, other great features make it a solid deal. Its AA battery can function smoothly for almost a year or more, depending on the use. Moreover this logitech m wireless trackball mouse is considered as the best mouse for music production.

The M570, the best wireless trackball mouse is a top choice among numerous trackball clients because of its long battery life, admirable design, and weight in contrast to the beefier MX. This logitech m wireless trackball mouse packs very well for trackball clients that are generally in a hurry to get their work done. Thus, proving to be very useful for clients in the music production business. Because of the design, this logitech m wireless trackball is very comfortable to use and does not cause any stress to the hand and the wrist.

One of the main highlights is Logitech’s Flow technology which permits you to pair and afterward move your cursor across three diverse gadget screens. This logitech m wireless trackball mouse could be convenient if you have your iPad set up as an extra screen to go with your PC or workstation. You will be able to efficiently move around your timeline and edit your digital audio workstation. The M570 the best wireless mouse satisfies its name and endures two entire years before you will need to replace the battery.

This logitech m wireless trackball  mouse has the superior form and feels that you’d anticipate from a high-quality mouse. The ergonomic design plan fits serenely into your hand while also displaying a hyper-speed wheel for quick controls. The M570, the good quality wireless mouse has a more fantastic opening on the base, which makes popping the Trackball out for cleaning simpler. For this errand, practically any pen will work with the M570. The logitech m wireless trackball has five buttons: left-and right-click, forward and back catches, and an interactive scroll wheel. These best wireless mice is perfect for right-handed people. Moreover this is the best mouse for music.

 ELECOM Handheld Bluetooth Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse

ELECOM Handheld Bluetooth Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse, 10-Button

This expert trackball mouse has an ambidextrous shape. Both left-handed and right-handed individuals can use it. Left-handed individuals who don’t have to use their non-dominant hand for work can easily achieve precise cursor movements using this best mouse. So it is popular music production. Moreover, you can purchase it in the best price.

This handheld trackball magic mouse has a sensitive moving ball and a stable Bluetooth connection.

It is not difficult to move towards any path. It comes with ten buttons on the gadget, and you can assign whichever function to any of the buttons. This is a great feature because you can easily map them to perform various tasks in your digital audio workstation, increasing your workflow. The DPI has three different speeds. You can also change the DPI of the cursor between 500(LOW), 1000(MID), and 1500(HIGH) DPI, making the movements of your cursor quicker or slower.

All the Elecom trackballs have poor maintenance. The ball moves on three enormous counterfeit ruby metal rollers. They are very smooth, and their well-adapted large size keeps residue and soil from obstructing them. You can easily hold this expert trackball mouse in one hand, so you can continue to do any other activity with the other hand. It is not only convenient, but you can also use it on a carpet or any other unstable surface. It will give the same precise movements, even on those unstable surfaces.

Kensington Wireless Trackball

Kensington Wireless Trackball

Kensington trackball is quite famous among consumers. This is one of the best  trackball mice are a top pick among power users because of how comfortable they are. The Kensington wireless trackball mouse  takes the crown in this extremely restricted field. this best wireless mouse has a lovely design which is also convenient to use. Granted, it is a bit old but still very much in demand. The high demand of the Kensington expert trackball is due to its compatibility with Windows as well as macOS. So this is popular music production.

Kensington wireless trackball mouse is very affordable, so anybody starting a business or needing it at home can go for this one. You can use this Kensington expert trackball to get used to the feel and then go and buy expensive ones later. The ball in the middle is average size. This means individuals with large hands, small hands, or average hands can use it quite well. It is wireless, which means it comes with AA batteries which you can recharge easily.

This expert trackball mouse is extremely user-friendly, and you will not regret buying the gadget at all. The wrist strain is almost non-existent. You will have an enjoyable experience. So, all those long hours going over multiple audio files will certainly feel less strenuous using this device. 

The two-button Kensington Wireless Trackball mouse accompanies a little 2.4 GHz wireless receiver that connects with your PC’s USB port. This feature is incredible because you can move around the room and still have some power over your production software. This Kensington expert trackball can prove to be useful. For example, if you’re recording yourself having a synth influence with a console set up across the room from your PC, you can control your DAW’s transport remotely.

How To Buy the Best Trackball Mouse For Music Production:

You need to keep some important factors in mind when hunting for a new wireless trackball mouse. We have made some points so you can purchase the top quality mouse for music production.

Size of the ball

A trackball should rotate easily, without coarse inclination rubbing. A low-quality ball can ruin the experience of utilizing a trackball. The bigger the Trackball, the lesser turns you need to get the cursor across the screen, hence offering more precision while you edit your music.

Ambidextrous Support

A trackball should have left and right-clicked buttons to make it easier for ambidextrous users. If your trackball mouse has multiple buttons, you’ll probably need to alter how they work with manufacturing programs. The programming will become easier once you get used to changing the pointer speed. Once you have that set, going over various programs with multiple file selection will be fairly easy. Similarly, making it convenient to scroll through your digital audio workstation. Moreover the mouse pad is excellent and it is the best mouse for music production.

Battery life

If you choose an older version of a trackball, you can expect the battery life to run out in four months or half a year. A few trackballs use AA batteries, and others have rechargeable batteries. Battery life should be exceptional and the most important factor while choosing the Trackball.

Warranty of the Trackball

The latest models showing compatibility with current programming systems have a better quality that comes with a warranty. It usually costs a whole lot of money. Older trackballs will cost less money. Most issues with trackballs come from quality-control checks on multiple surfaces. In the first year itself, you will be able to perceive any discrepancies. This is why having a warranty of one year is enough. Longer guarantees are outstanding yet not needed.

Comfort level

Most music makers need a horizontal scroll function when working on their music and using multiple programming technologies. Although you can accomplish this with any expert mouse by squeezing shift and scrolling with the wheel, a trackball is much easier. If you’re a genuine producer, the odds are you will utilize your expert mouse for long periods at a time, so naturally, you’ll need it to be agreeable and fit the state of your hand pleasantly. This will prevent strains, throbs, and torments from utilizing your magic mouse widely. You need to purchase a trackball that accommodates your preferences.

FAQ about Best Trackball Mouse For Music Production:

Is a trackball mouse better than a normal mouse?

Trackball mice have many different advantages over normal mice. Individuals whose hands or fingers get exhausted easily can use this top trackball with ambidextrous support. This is ideal for individuals whose hands or fingers strain rapidly. Trackballs are great for individuals with existing RSI issues originating from using a standard  and expert mouse. Moreover, it is one of the best mice right now.

Does trackball position matter?

Side mount trackballs are best for thumbs. If you are better at using your thumb, then you should go for side mount trackballs. They are more ideal for long-term use. Side mounts have buttons so that you may feel more acquainted with them.

Top-mount is best for fingers. If you are better at using your fingers, then you should go for top mount trackballs. Top-mounts may feel more natural to you if you know about using trackpads, joysticks, and contact screen gadgets.

Does trackball size matter?

Size matters a lot when you are looking for the high quality trackball magic mouse for music production. A bigger distance across trackballs means a more prominent scope of movement needed to turn the ball and move the cursor. This means more control and precision over the ball. The more the surface area and diameter of the ball, the less movement you have to make.

A smaller ball will have less surface area and less movement, which means you will have to move your wrist more often.

Why should music producer prefer Trackball over a normal mouse?

A trackball requires minimum hand movement. This reduces the amount of space you need to use it. Thus, music producer can work faster and more efficiently using a trackball. They will be able to establish more fluidity in cursor movements using the best trackball mice. All those extra audio files and complex programming systems will be much easier to manage.

Best Trackball Mouse For Music Production final words

Trackballs are ideal for music producers because they eliminate the channels of getting repetitive strain injury since they require minimum movement for stand operation. You can use them anywhere, indoor or outdoor, mainly because trackballs do not need flat surfaces to work on. They are fast and have more precision control than a normal mouse, enhancing productivity and speeding up workflow. Finding the best option for your digital audio workstation is a question we sought to answer in this article.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the good quality trackball mouse for music production. Despite the fact that we’ve assembled a nice blend of trackball mice, it’s not difficult to see which Trackball is the best choice. In our opinion, ELECOM Wired Finger-Operated Large Size Trackball Mouse (M-HT1URXBK) is the best option.

Since it provides superior precision and accuracy, it is an important feature for any mouse used for audio editing. But if you are looking for a more affordable version, then the Kensington wireless trackball is a wonderful choice too. The company is reliable, and it’s been making these gadgets for ages. It gives a very comfortable feel to its users.

We hope we have helped you enough to make up your mind about the best trackball mouse for music production. Happy music-making!

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