When you are looking for the best thumb trackball mouse, you will find plenty of options to choose from on the market. But if you never invested in such a product, you might find it difficult to choose the right one for you. To help you with this process, we put together a complete guide of reviews and tips regarding the best thumb trackball that you can find.

It is important to consider aspects like your work and the rest of your equipment before you invest in such a product. A good product will meet all your needs and expectations which are different from one user to another. These devices can be used by both right hand and left hand users and they come with different features.

A main advantage is that your hand will rest more as you are using your mouse thanks to their ergonomic design. You will have to analyze the features of such an item to choose the one that is ideal for your type of work. The design of the device you want to purchase will matter as well. This is why we chose different products that you can rely on for all these aspects and more.

We took the time to test and review several trackball mouse devices for you so you wouldn’t have to waste time researching. We selected the top products in this category that you can rely on not only for efficiency but also for durability and compatibility. After browsing our selection of products, you will find it much easier to make up your mind and choose the mouse that will work best for you. So, keep reading and see what is the best thumb trackball mouse that you can consider investing in.

 Reviews Of The Best Thumb Trackball Mouse:

The following products are the best you can find on the market. They come with different features and will turn out to be useful in many situations, regardless of the type of work you do.

 Nakabayashi Co, Ltd. Digio2 2.4GHz Wireless Trackball 5 Buttons


As soon as you lay your eyes on this Nakabayashi trackball mouse model, you will notice that it has small dimensions. The compact design makes this device easy to use and very comfortable for most people. It will fit perfectly in all hand sizes, and it is meant for right hand users. There are also five different versions to choose from, according to your preferences as well.

 We love the fact that you can adjust the speed of this mouse. There is also a standby mode that you can activate when you don’t want to use the device. To do that, you will have to press the speed button until you get it to the speed you are comfortable using for your work.

 There is also a quiet function that reduces the noise of the buttons so you can use this device without bothering anyone else. There are five buttons on this product that you can set and adjust just the way you need for increased efficiency. You will find the forward and backward buttons particularly useful as you are navigating the internet or a certain document on your screen.

 This device is wireless, so you will not have to deal with cables. All you need to do is insert the USB into the port of your device, and your mouse will be good to go. Also, the accuracy of this product comes from a high-quality laser sensor that helps read the entire information on your screen fast and precisely.

 It is a great mouse for long hours of work on design projects or gaming but also for your daily computer usage. Once you start using this trackball mouse you will not go back to a regular model as the comfort and efficiency are way improved with this item.

 Perixx PERIMICE-520 Wired USB Ergonomic Programmable Trackball Mouse

Perixx PERIMICE-520 Wired USB Ergonomic Programmable Trackball Mouse

Another trackball mouse that you will absolutely love to use comes from Perixx, and it has a great set of features to help you with all your computer projects. The design of this product is simple yet very functional. We like the fact that it comes in a medium size and will feel comfortable for all users. It is important to note that this Perixx mouse is ideal for right hand users.

 The adjustable angle feature is quite unique to this item. You can change the angle of the mouse by using a removable stand. This gives you the option to set the device at 0 degrees, 10 degrees, or 20 degrees. By configuring your product exactly how you want to use it, you can reduce and even eliminate strains in your arm and wrist. This feature is very useful for those who spend hours working on their computer.

 Out of the eight buttons of this device, six are easy to program the way you need to use them in order to make the most out of this product. You will find the software you need to set it faster on the Perixx website and it takes only minutes to download and install.

 You can also adjust the scroll wheel speed from 400 DPI to 1600 DPI. So, you will be able to use this item in the best way to optimize your efficiency. In terms of compatibility, you shouldn’t have any problem using this trackball mouse along with Windows 7, 8, 10, and the newest operating systems. It is a wired mouse, compatible with any type of computer or laptop.

 Thanks to all the features you can find in this product, we can easily say it is the best thumb trackball mouse for its price range. If you use it properly, you will also be able to enjoy it for a long time with minimum maintenance.

ELECOM Wired Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse

ELECOM Wired Thumb-Operated 6-Button Trackball Mouse

Among the wide range of Elecom IT accessories, we found this thumb trackball mouse that will most likely fit your needs and outstand your highest expectations. It comes in a design that allows you to rest your hand comfortably when you are not using the device.

 The way this mouse is designed will support six major muscles in your hand in order to avoid strains and other aches. So, you will be able to use it for several hours with no stress on your hand.

 You will find the five buttons on this wired trackball mouse to be highly functional. There is the option to program these buttons with the functions you use most often as well. In order to do that, all you need is the Elecom Assistant software that you can find on the manufacturer’s website. The DPI cursor can also be set from 750 to 1500, so you have the speed and precision you want.

The red trackball is more accurate and easier to use than other balls thanks to its red color sensoring. You will be able to count on the side thumb ball for the most sensitive tasks you need to complete on the screen. Thanks to the high level of smoothness and sensitivity of the trackball, you can successfully use this mouse for both working and gaming sessions.

 The device will work best with Windows operating systems. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows RT 8.1, with the exception of the horizontal scrolling function, which is incompatible with the most recent system. It is also compatible with MAC systems, and you will not have to struggle to install it. Your computer or laptop will most likely pick up the mouse and start incorporating it into the system as you are using it.

 SANWA Supply PC Trackball Mouse

SANWA Supply PC Trackball Mouse USB MA-TB39

The last, but definitely not the least, trackball mouse you might want to consider investing in is this Sanwa model. Sanwa has an impressive history as it has been on the market since 1923. With an experience that stretches over a hundred years, you know that you will not regret investing in any of their products. This product could easily be the best thumb trackball mouse you can find, with the best features.

 This device uses USB technology, which makes it compatible with any type of computer, laptop, or tablet with a USB port. The design is compact and simple, so it will fit any type of user. You will find the regular left and right buttons on top of the mouse, with the scroll wheel placed right in the middle of it. On the side, right under your thumb, there is the red ball that you can use for extra precision as you work on your projects. The red colored trackball is highly sensitive, so you will save time and increase your accuracy on all types of computer work you might be doing.

 This is a great product for beginners who are just discovering the advantages of a trackball mouse. Once you get used to this type of device, you will be ready to invest in models with different functions and extra buttons as well. The ergonomic design and high precision of this item make it one of the best choices on the market. You can use it for several hours without being concerned about hand or arm aches or feeling any discomfort. You can relax your hand on it as well during your work breaks, and overall, you will find this device very functional!

 How To Buy the Best Thumb Trackball Mouse:

Best Thumb Trackball Mouse Review

In order to get the best thumb trackball mouse you will have to pay attention to certain details. Your needs might not be identical to the needs of other users so your goal is to end up with a device that works best for you.

 The ball of such a mouse should be smooth and precise. This smoothness will make the difference between a high-quality trackball and an average one. Generally speaking, the red balls in larger sizes tend to be more accurate than the rest. So, if you can invest in such a device, it might be your best choice.

 You should also pay attention to the buttons that your mouse comes with. The best products on the market will offer extra buttons you can customize just the way you want in order to use the device better. Some will have five, six, or even eight such buttons. Ultimately, the number of extra buttons you choose is a personal preference.

 Keep in mind that you want to switch to a trackball mouse primarily to increase your comfort as you are using your computer. The mouse you choose should help you relax your hand and keep aches and strains away. An ergonomic design is recommended in order to meet the level of comfort you need during your work hours.

 Connectivity is just as important. You can find such items in a wired version as well as a wireless or bluetooth version. When you choose the connectivity type, you will need to take into account the rest of your equipment and make sure you pick a product that is compatible. Take a look at the operating systems that support your device in order to make the best decision. Most trackball mouse devices will be compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems, but some functions might be limited according to each system.

 FAQs about best Thumb Trackball Mouse:

Should you switch to a trackball mouse?

The decision to switch from a regular mouse to a thumb trackball mouse should be entirely based on your comfort and the need for precision in your work. Some people might not need to trade in their regular mouse for one in this new design if they don’t spend many hours a day using their computer. On the other hand, if you like to play games or if you work in graphic design a high level of accuracy is needed.

 Will a trackball mouse reduce hand ache?

Thumb trackball mouses are made with the goal of offering you a more ergonomic design that allows you to relax your hand during work. Therefore, such a device will definitely increase your comfort and reduce or even eliminate aches in your hand. But for all these benefits to manifest, you will need to choose a mouse that works for you. Follow the aspects we presented previously before you choose your device, and you will notice significant improvements.

 Are these devices as precise as regular mouses?

Depending on the quality of the trackball, you can enjoy a higher level of precision when you use such a mouse. Bigger trackballs as well as those with a red color sensor will be more precise and easy to use than the rest of them. So, if you invest in a high-quality trackball mouse, you should definitely enjoy a higher level of precision and accuracy but also an increased speed. You will get more work done, faster and without straining your hand as much.

 Should I choose a trackball mouse with adjustable buttons?

Not all of these devices come with extra buttons but if you want to complete different tasks with little hand movement, such extra buttons will definitely help you. You can set them up to match many functions you use regularly so you won’t need to move your fingers from the mouse as much. By choosing a product with extra buttons you will be able to relax your hand more while you are still working on your screen tasks.

 Best Thumb Trackball Mouse final words

Using the information in this guide will help you find the best thumb trackball mouse with no hassle. Chances are that in the selection of products that we reviewed for you, you will find the type of device that you need. Read each review carefully and find the qualities you are looking for in such a device. If you are concerned about durability know that all the items we selected for you are made to withstand the test of time.

 If you find yourself confused regarding what mouse you should choose, use the tips in this guide to help you decide. You will find the important aspects you need to consider before pulling your credit card out and what you should pay attention to. While not everyone might need a trackball mouse, most users benefit from the comfort and efficiency of these products.

 You will find it easier to accomplish your work goals and reduce pain in your hand as you are doing that. Plus, you can enjoy your gaming breaks much better as well if you choose a high-quality trackball mouse. Take your pick from our selection and enjoy the advantages that such an item will bring you every time you use your computer!

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