For many computer users flexibility are essential for both-handed users. We aim to show you how choosing the best portable trackball mouse for youFor many computer users, speed, accuracy, and flexibility are essential for right and left-handed users. We aim to show you how choosing the best trackball mouse for any user can deliver on these points and more. While the traditional computer mouse is familiar, a portable trackball mouse has many benefits. 

Further, studies show how some left and right-handed computer users may experience muscular issues when using a mouse. Some left-handers may switch to the right to help manipulate the mouse more comfortably. Also, they may opt to use the left hand but position the middle finger over the left-click mouse button for more flexibility.

Best portable trackball mouse for any user

 In either position, left-handed users may fit it increasingly challenging to use a standard mouse over time. For many users, the regular mouse may cause muscular strain to develop over time. As a typist for over 40 years, I know the issues associated with prolonged computer mouse usage. Many others like me may also experience challenges with nerve pain, tendinitis, numbness, or carpal tunnel.

 The shoulders, arms, wrists, thumb, and forefinger work together when using the regular mouse. A traditional mouse utilizes dragging, clicking, and other wrist movements. Research shows these movements may compromise the overall posture of the hand over time.

However, the trackball typically engages the thumb or forefinger, with less strain on the other muscles, arm, and wrist.  Comparatively, using the device can save you time while providing some muscle relief, more speed, maneuverability, less pain, and overwork.

Many of these devices can operate with the finger or thumb. With the finger model, the ball is in the middle of the device for use by left or right-handed users. However, the thumb variety positions the ball on the left-hand side and is more amenable to right-handed users.

Reviews of best portable trackball mouse for any user:

ELECOM portable Finger-Operated Trackball Mouse

ELECOM Wired / Wireless / Bluetooth Finger-Operated Trackball Mouse, 8-Button

Elecom is one of the best brands when it comes to IT equipment and accessories so you will definitely not be disappointed with this product. It has an attractive and discreet design that will match all your IT equipment as well. In spite of the number of buttons and the high functionality level, this mouse comes in small dimensions so it is comfortable to use.

The optical tracking technology makes this trackball mouse one of the best that you can find on the market when it comes to accuracy. If you need to work on precise projects, this cursor is qualified to help you with the smallest details. You can reach any area of the screen without moving your hand significantly which increases your work speed as well as your comfort.

There are eight buttons that you can use just the way you want to complete all the tasks you need on the screen. The tilting scroll wheel offers you another two buttons for best work results and even more speed. These buttons help you make the most out of your gaming sessions but also complete your work faster. If you need to adjust the DPI button you can do so by choosing between three levels of 500, 1000 or 1500.

If you need to clean the trackball you will be happy to discover that it is easy to remove it from the device. However, this ball is made to keep dust away and reduce clogging. So, you might not have to clean it too often to begin with.

You can use this device in a wired form as well as wireless or Bluetooth and it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 or later operating systems. This is definitely the type of investment that will increase your productivity and comfort during your work.

Logitech MX ERGO Portable Wireless Trackball

Logitech MX ERGO Wireless Trackball

Logitech remains as the most prominent producer and seller of quality trackballs on the current market. They made Trackman Marble in 2008 before introducing Logitech M570 in 2010.

Logitech has been around for quite some time and have designed a quality mouse called the MX Ergo wireless. It works well to reduce muscle strain when you compare to a regular trackball mouse. It connects to your preferred system through Bluetooth. This means you only apply it with Bluetooth enabled devices or computers that use Logitech unifying receiver.

The Logitech MX Ergo has customizable and adjustable features. You can swiftly change the mouse in order to fit the comfort of your hand. In return, it reduces chances of fatigue while increasing productivity in the office. 

Advanced tracking produces precise and accurate movements on the screen. Rechargeable power helps to alleviate the need of buying batteries regularly. It has a well-designed body and feels comfortable when you use with the palm grip. You might take some time to get used to its design but is to move it around.

The metal tilt design allows you to tilt it upwards which focuses on reducing stress in your wrist. Features several useful buttons you can use to program. It has limited gaming features that limits its functions mainly to office work. It has a polling rate of 125HZ, has a professional appearance with a slanted body. The body is matte gray with a glossy trackball.

The Logitech MX Ergo Trackball feels a bit heavy but quite smaller than some other brands. Therefore, it comfortably fits inside your bag. Although heavy, you don’t have to move it around. The buttons of the Logitech MX Ergo are well-positioned and you can reach them very easily..  

Perixx PERIPRO-706 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Perixx PERIPRO-706 Wireless Trackball mouse

The advanced technology of the Peripro-760 comes highly recommended as the best portable trackball mouse for any user. The ergonomic design features a tri-button wireless tracking device with a center click cursor and screen control with three fingers. The mouse works well with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows 10 and comes with an additional USB port.  

The design supports both left and right-handed users, and there’s more control, especially for repetitive wrist movement. Users can also switch hands by the main button on the mouse settings.  It’s perfect for users with physical challenges, as it provides extra support and for the wrist and fingers. A helpful addition is a cushioned detachable gel palm rest that keeps the hands comfortable for long periods.

It is entirely adjustable, so you can position the palm and wrist to suit your gripping motion and fluid cursor movements. Customers also note they experience trackball is ideal for pointing and more precise cursor control. There’s also stationary tracking, with no additional pressure on the forearm and hand. It also helps improve the symptoms of carpal tunnel and other muscular discomforts in the arm and hand.

If you work from home, the portable trackball is ideal for your home-office needs. Moreover, it is comfortable, lightweight and compact and fits into tight spaces without any arm movement to operate the cursor. It is also perfect for use with applications in server rooms, kiosks, and rack drawer spaces.

The power-saving mode utilizes energy more efficiently, especially when the device is not in use. A smooth four-way scroll wheel is a breeze to maneuver if you require more speed and precision. It is excellent for general use and with PTS games. The overall design is sturdy, durable, resilient, and functional at a competitive price point.   

Kensington K72363 WW Orbit Fusion Wireless Trackball

Kensington Orbit Fusion Wireless Trackball (K72363WW)

If you work from home and use your mouse around the clock or experience wrist fatigue, the Kensington model is an excellent choice. It’s perfect for first-time trackball users and work that involves navigating multiple tabs for detailed work assignments. Using the trackball requires minimal pressure, and it is ideal for smaller hands for more comfort and control.

The patented finger-operated scroll wheel is highly responsive and makes scrolling a pleasure. It provides exceptional comfort and support with four customizable buttons for left and right-handed controls. Additionally, users can experience less movement and wrist pressure but more speed, accuracy, and overall productivity.

Some features include a premium laser tracking sensor with a 40mm trackball. It allows you to maneuver large files and multiple monitors with limited desktop space. The speed, precision, comfort, and control of the finger-controlled scroll and track technology are worth exploring.

Further, you receive long-lasting comfort with a contoured mouse-style design. It helps improve wrist, palm shoulder, and forearm posture while utilizing less hand movement. KensingtonWorks technology also offers a plug and play default settings. You can personalize the controls to organize routine tasks using the five-button programmable system.

The sculpted mouse-style design is lightweight and adapts to the natural shape of the hand. Additionally, the DPI switch adjusts the speed to match your scrolling needs for greater control and transitioning. The device is compatible for use with Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Windows. It includes USB-A and C adapters that support laptops that carry USB-A style ports.

However, if you are a Chrome user, you’ll be able to utilize HID functions compatible with a trackball. Conversely, it is not available for devices that work with Kensingtonworks.

Another helpful feature is the Orbit Fusion wireless trackball which offers substantial ergonomic comfort, precision, and optimal control. The space-saving unit is compact, lightweight, and a perfect fit for small spaces and home offices.

Logitech ERGO M575 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Logitech ERGO M575 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Are you looking for an affordable upgrade to your tired, over-worked mouse? The Logitech ERGO is the best portable trackball mouse for any user who needs to reduce arm and wrist movement and more control. The ball moves effortlessly across multiple surfaces while the thumb uses significantly less pressure for more comfort and relaxation. The upgrade also works with your iPad, Surface Pro, or MacBook Pro.

The design features slight ridges to facilitate more grip, control, accuracy, and precision. There are four non-slip strips at the bottom that keeps the ball from slipping off the mouse pad. It’s an excellent starter for new thumb-style trackball users. The matte finish ensures more control and stability.

Additionally, the rollerball spins more freely than some comparable brands on the market. The top-notch design ensures you don’t need to slide the mouse around to over-extend your arm and hand. Some users experience reduced muscle strain and more comfort and control when using the mouse.

The button settings are highly responsive, with lots of bounce and balance. It’s is easy to set up and pair with dual connectivity through a USB or Bluetooth. The setup also utilizes a minimal workspace for more work areas. There’s lots of functionality, as the cursor glides smoothly for easy control in every direction.

Moreover, the accurate, precise click and scroll movements are excellent for long-term use. The built-in transmitter is adjustable for quiet operation. The ball is a good fit for users with smaller hands. You can also use the software to interchange forward and backward movements when necessary.

Dual connectivity is fast and accurate for up to 10 feet away. With overall usage, some customers report they notice reduced wrist and shoulder pain after extended periods. There’s no need for a desktop or mousepad when using the trackball.

How to Buy the Best Portable Trackball Mouse for Any User: 

Here are some areas to bear in mind when selecting the best trackball mouse for any user. The first consideration is the style of the ball since it may mean a considerable difference for right and left-handed users. For right-handed users, a thumb-style ball may be more effective. The ball is easy to manipulate in the side position for more comfort and relaxation.

The finger-operation version is suitable for both right and left-handed users, with the ball in the middle of the device. There’s more flexibility and overall comfort and control for any user.

The next area to think about is comfort and control. Many users experience challenges with long-term computer use. These issues may include nerve pain and muscle strain in the fingers, arm, hand, forearm, and elbow. More severe problems may also result in tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and some types of arthritis. These are some of the reasons why comfort is a priority among many users.

Most of the devices in our review feature ergonomic designs that conform to the natural posture of the arm and wrist. It means you get more control, grip, and maneuverability. There’s significantly less movement of the wrist and forearm with the trackball mouse, thereby reducing overall pain and discomfort. The ball glides typically more freely with a flick of the finger.

Additionally, it’s ideal to choose a ball that can pair easily with multiple devices. Our portable trackballs can connect freely and quickly via Bluetooth and USB adapters. The balls are also compatible with laptops, MacPros, iPads, PCs, and other devices.

FAQ about best portable trackball mouse

How do I know which portable trackball is right for me?

Choosing the right portable trackball depends on your typing style and comfort level. If you experience pain or other muscular issues, it’s essential to ensure the type of ball you choose can help provide more comfort, primarily if you use your device for long periods.

Does it matter if I am left or right-handed?

It may also hinge on the dominant hand, whether you are left or right-handed. Studies show that finger-style balls are compatible with both left and right-handed users. However, a thumb-style mouse can work for right-handers or users who like to alternate hands when typing. Either way, a trackball will help reduce overall pain and discomfort from long-term mouse usage.

Is a  portable trackball mouse flexible?

There are several unique features relating to a portable trackball mouse. The most significant ergonomic design offers more flexibility and overall control of the wrist and arm. The technology also helps users achieve more comfort, accuracy, and speed with little effort.

How compatible is a portable trackball mouse?

Your portable trackball mouse can work with Windows 7, 8, and 10, game consoles, PCs, laptops, iPads, and MacBook Pros. Additionally, the devices pair quickly and accurately with USB adapters and Bluetooth connectivity. Some balls can also work with your devices from up to about 10 feet away.

Best portable trackball mouse last words

If you want to upgrade your current computer mouse, now is an excellent time to get rid of the constant sliding back and forth. We can show you how to choose the best trackball mouse for any user, whether you use the right or left hand to type. Several mouse users are tired of moving a mouse all around, and others continue to experience physical challenges from constant arm movement. These problems may include pain and tension in the arm, hand, fingers, elbow, forearm, and shoulder.

Numerous studies show you can reduce some of these challenges by switching to a portable trackball mouse. The advantages include lots more flexibility, precision, accuracy, and control. Further, the device comes in a few styles to suit left and right-handed users while utilizing slight finger pressure instead of the entire arm and wrist.

It’s also helpful to know the trackballs work with most Windows applications so you can work with multiple pages, surf the internet, or use a gaming device.

The trackball also offers significant speed and ergonomic designs that support areas that are vulnerable to pain and discomfort. Our selections are solid, durable, and high-performing and provide excellent functionality for all users.

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