A trackball mouse is a vastly different device from a regular mouse. It works in such a way that you use a thumb and the whole hand and arm to manipulate a trackball. Choosing the best left handed trackball mouse can ideally make your work easier and faster. We have either thumb operated or fingers operated.

Thumb-operated has the trackball located at the position of your thumb. The entire device resembles a mouse and you use a thumb to maneuver a trackball. You use the index and ring fingers for right or left clicking the buttons while you move the scroll wheel just like you do with an ordinary mouse.

Finger-operated has an advantage over the thumb version because of its versatility to suit both right and left hand users. They encourage great wrist posture while thumb-operated acting in a similar manner as the traditional mouse.

When compared to a well-designed trackball mouse, this unusual device does not produce accurate results. However, if you take out the repetitive motion of mousing, it offers more accurate results than a trackpad. The arms and shoulders remain in a neutral position while you do most of the movements with either your thumb or a combination of different fingers.

These devices can help people that have repetitive stress injury (RSI) symptoms. Not all people can benefit from them. We highly recommend seeking medical attention first if you consider this device as a solution.

After several tests and reviews, we came up with some of the best left handed trackball mouse. The following are some of the best you can try out by yourself:

Reviews Of The Best Left Handed Trackball Mouse:

Elecom m-xt4drbk wireless trackball mouse for left-handed

Elecom Best Left Handed Trackball Mouse

If you use your left hand when you work at your computer, this best left-handed trackball mouse is for you. Besides the fact that this mouse is made especially for people who use their left hand, it is also very functional and practical. 

Working on any project in fine detail will be a breeze thanks to the optical tracking feature of this mouse. The trackball and the six additional mouse buttons are very simple to operate. You must download the same Elecom Assistant software from the Elecom website in order to personalize the six buttons.

 There is also a highly functional DPI cursor that will increase your accuracy while you are working. If you need a lower cursor speed, you can set it at 750 DPI or 1500 DPI. This allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the cursor just as you need. 

You can use this device with Windows operating systems as well as other systems like Vista. It is important to check the compatibility between this device and your computer to make the most out of it. You can use this with batteries and count on the fact that it is very easy to maintain. This mouse will make for a great addition at work and home, and you will most likely use it for a long time as it is very durable.

Adesso iMouse T50 wireless left handed trackball mouse

 Adesso iMouse T50 wireless

If you have a disability and need more comfort when using your computer, vie the Adesso iMouse a try. With the product, you get smooth, precise, accurate motion that minimizes hand movements for performing stress-free, comfortable routine computer tasks. The finger-operated trackball features an ergonomic design for left and right-hand use. There’s excellent fast-tracking with fewer hand and muscle movements.

There is a Nano receiver that plugs into your PC, laptop, and tablet for easy operation. The cable-free device also uses 24 GHz radio frequency technology. It’s compatible with Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. It is easy to set up with a programmable driver and convenient software options.

Other unique features of the wireless mouse include a five-level DPI switch, seven customization buttons, and an optical sensor. These systems combine to reduce hand pain and the tendency to twist the forearm when using the mouse. Further, the DPI sensory system is fast and highly responsive. There’s an adjustable switch that moves the cursor from around 400-4 to almost 800 DPI.

Wireless technology operates for up to around 30 feet distance, and it works with 12 different channels. The buttons move back and forth for easy scrolling and browsing. The energy-saving device saves battery power through a convenient on-and-off power switch. You can also detach the trackball easily for quick cleaning and reassembling.

The ergonomic design ensures that the device fits both hands to reduce pain, stress, and other forearm discomforts. Two adjustable legs allow you to tweak the angle for a specific comfort level or between 0 to 10 degrees. You can also operate the mouse while standing or sitting for additional hand comfort and control.

The affordable, high-quality, functional giant rolling pads offer lots of speed. The surface also resists sweat and grease from your hands. It works smoothly for effortless scrolling actions.

Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro

Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro

There is much to admire about the product, with several new and enhanced features for your comfort and convenience. First is the super-sized ball that provides precise, quick scrolling through large documents and web pages. The mouse is excellent for gaming and long-term computer use.

Additionally, the design is ideal for both left- and right-handed users. The ball provides additional comfort for users who experience carpal tunnel syndrome and other muscle tension. Operating is seamless, with fast left and right scrolling, double-clicking, and zooming in and out.

You can also program shortcuts as needed to speed up routine tasks. The construction is solid and durable, and there’s a convenient wrist pad for additional hand support. Another feature is the USB trackball, which offers six separate web tabs. These are ideal for use with Windows and Mac OS X 64-bit systems.

The trackball also provides lots of speed and accuracy in a heavy-duty design. You also receive ten button controls along with six DirectLaunch keys for instant and reliable web browsing. The extra-large ball allows for more pointing, precision, and overall control. The steel bearings on the device are durable and stable and offer smooth cursor operation on the scrolling wheel.

The scrolling wheels’ non-skid rubberized footrests offer the mouse a great deal of stability to prevent it from moving. It remains in place to lessen wrist pressure by reducing frequent hand motions. Furthermore, the device can be kept in position without a flat surface.

Additionally, the scrolling wheel makes it easier to read text by allowing easy control with the middle finger when needed. Users can operate with both hands with the enhanced ergonomic design. The surface of the mouse is scratch-resistant for easy cleaning, increased durability, and stress-free maintenance.

Logitech Marble Mouse Trackball
Logitech Marble Mouse Trackball white review

Logitech offers the ideal upgrade to a traditional mouse in a user-friendly, solid, stable device. The trackball is easy to set up and requires no additional driver installation. It is lightweight and dirt-resistant for easy maintenance. The primary feature of the device is the large red ball that operates by using the index finger. 

One feature is the auto-scroll mode, which makes it convenient to peruse long documents and surf the internet. Further, the feature also lets you scroll horizontally and vertically in fast, easy movements. The trackball is ideal for persons who have arthritis by providing additional comfort and control.

Users can also click the left and right buttons at once, and it’s easily accessible by right and left-handed users. You can also manipulate the right click with the thumb. Moreover, it fits snugly in either hand for a seamless operation and less hand strain. The ergonomic, space-saving design is stationary for more stability and durability.

High-intensity optical sensors also guide the mouse’s movement to help minimize hand movement and pressure. There are rubberized pads at the bottom to keep the device stable when in use. The surface of the ball is dirt-resistant and easy to clean. The product is durable and long-lasting, with little to no maintenance issues.

Users can expect smooth, swift movement with no need for a mousepad. The durable, solid, ergonomic design ensures you receive fast, accurate scrolling with less pressure on the wrist, back, and shoulders. Further, the motion sensor is highly responsive to help relieve aches and pains.

 The trackball is compatible with Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98 applications. It also offers significant comfort, and the ergonomic contours fit the hands to precision. The rotating trackball moves the cursor without moving the mouse for additional comfort and overall control. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between trackball and a regular mouse?

Trackball Mouse VS Normal Mouse

A trackball can do all the functions a regular optical or mechanical trackball mouse can do. Unlike the regular mouse, you don’t move it in trying to position a cursor or a screen pointer. You only use a thumb, the rest of the fingers, and your palm to roll the protruding ball. They have the ball fixed at the top, to the side or centralized on the device.
The big difference between the two comes in terms of the technology applied to make them.

What are the benefits of Trackball mouse?


These devices have existed for the longest time possible but many people overlook them because of inadequate knowledge about them. They can help you solve a lot of problems the traditional optical trackball mouse can’t solve.
With this device, you don’t have to operate in a big space, unlike the traditional trackball mouse. It remains in a fixed position, an ideal gadget to use when you have a small space to operate.
Due to reduced hand movement, it reduces the strain on your wrist as the thumb and fingers perform the work.

How many buttons do you really have on your left handed trackball Mouse?

With a lot of brands on the market, it all depends on application demands. Some have 3 buttons for basic computing needs while others have 8 buttons. So, depending on your needs, the choice remains in your hands.

Do all Left handed trackball mice have scrollwheels?

Not really. Some have scrollwheeels while others don’t depend on the make. You control the scrollwheel using either the index or the middle finger. On some, you use a thumb to control them. Brands like Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman, Logitech M570, Sanwa Wireless, and ELECOM M-XT1DRBK wireless have scrollwheels.

Best Left Handed Trackball Mouse final words 

We have covered the necessary information and given you some of the best left handed trackball mouse. We believe from what we have given you, you stand in the best position of choosing the best that suits your functions. Trackballs work more precisely and more accurately than ordinary mice. They add a lot of comforts when doing your tasks on your desired device.

With this modern device, you don’t strain your wrist which can transfer to the rest of the arm, shoulder, and neck. Although somehow hard to understand how they operate, once you master them, you can have easy maneuverability in your tasks.

We highly recommend Logitech MX Ergo Trackball as the best trackball mouse. This is because it has a small but smooth and very easy to use ball. It has the ability to tilt about 20 degrees to offer you a better comfortable position.

The Logitech MX’s rechargeable battery can last up to 4 months and it can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. Although it costs a bit higher than most of the mice of its caliber, Logitech MX Ergo is excellently constructed and the modern software adds more value. Otherwise, you can free selection according to your needs.

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